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Mike Andrews

Software Engineer
Stow, Massachusetts 01775

Recent Work Experience

Acopia Networks, Lowell, Massachusetts

(Present employer) July 2003 - continuing
Principal Software Engineer, Team Lead
Core Filesystem, Configuration, and NFS Support

Shiman Associates, Brookline, Massachusetts

May 1999 - June 2003
Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead
Media Application Server (MAS)

A modular, plug-in architecture for platform-independent Internet audio and video. Slated to be incorporated into the X Window System standard to provide desktop audio and accessibility functionality.

  • Primary contributor, team lead for 100K line C/C++ open-source and proprietary codebases.
  • Directed the technical staff in implementations of DSP algorithms, audio hardware control, and platform-specific optimizations for Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Prepared and delivered product demonstrations at Linux tradeshows (LinuxWorld, ALS)
  • Chaired the audio task force in the X Window System standard organization
  • Managed software releases, feature prioritization, and scheduling.
  • Collaborated on the design of open source business models and licensing strategies.

Delivered technical Conference Presentations on MAS:

Integrating Sound and Multi-Media with X - Linux-Kongress 2002, Köln, Germany
September 2002
MAS: The Media Application Server - GNOME Summit, Cambridge, MA, USA
July 2002
MAS: The Media Application Server - GUAD3C, Sevilla, Spain
April 2002
Alexandrian Authority

Provides document repository and e-mail discussion list access for geographically separated groups.

  • Designed a filename-based versioning scheme that requires no special client-side software.
  • Integrated Solaris and Linux systems-level services: sendmail, majordomo, DNS and bind, apache, mod_perl, and shell scripting.
  • Designed and developed the HTML user interface and back-end modules in Perl/CGI.
  • Hired and trained new technical staff to take over maintenance and new development.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Worcester, Massachusetts
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
May 1999
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with High Distinction
May 1997
Member of Tau Beta Pi (engineering) and Eta Kappa Nu (electrical engineering) honor societies.


13 years C experience

object-oriented design in C++

POSIX and Linux real-time, threading, dynamic loading

UNIX scripting in Perl,

Bourne shell

enterprise web application development in Perl/CGI

mod_perl, apache

programming library

interface design

dynamic technical


CVS repository admin,

release management

client-server Internet system design and development

multimedia data formats,

compression techniques

machine vision,

pattern recognition

Internet streaming media

audio quality evaluation

team catalyst

Machine Vision Research

Master's Thesis
May 1999
An Information Theoretic Hierarchical Classifier for Machine Vision

A high-speed decision tree for image recognition.

  • Researched information theory, high-dimensional space data representation, data visualization, and numerical processing techniques.
  • Developed an exemplar grouping technique, designed for flexibility in hypothesis construction, and applied to achieve rotation- and translation-independence.
  • Developed a model training process for automated generation of translation- and rotation-invariant imagery.
WPI Machine Vision Laboratory
May 1996 - May 1999
Research Assistant

Advanced Machine Vision Tool Set (May, 1998)

  • Developed an object-oriented image recognition library in C++, featuring vector correlation and pyramid processing.
  • Developed Hough transform line and circle detection and matching algorithms.

LSD/DOA Automatic Target Recognition System (Textron Grant; June, 1997)

  • Implemented a suite of shell scripts and C image processing applications.
  • Developed a constant false-alarm rate detector.

Electronics Engineering Experience

Electronics Engineer
May 1995 - January 1996
Bose Corporation, Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Developed a precision multi-spectrum noise source for transducer testing, currently in use in laboratories and product durability test bunkers throughout Bose.
  • Developed an automobile switching amplifier final assembly test station.

Audio Research and Projects

XUDP: A Real-Time Multimedia Networking Protocol
  • Designed and implemented a multimedia transport protocol with lossless, loss-tolerant, and timed-obsolescence modes.
  • Conference Publication: "The XUDP Protocol for Timely Multimedia Transport" In Conference on Telecom. R&D, Massachusetts Telecommunications Council. (November, 1997)
Acoustical Analysis of Spaulding Recital Hall
  • Drafted plans for both permanent and temporary acoustical renovations.
Independent Term Projects

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