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Project Number: EE-DC-9601

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XUDP: A Real-Time Multimedia Networking Protocol
A Major Qualifying Project Report:
submitted to the Faculty
of the
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the
Degree of Bachelor of Science

Michael J. Andrews
Date: March 19, 1997


3.protocol Professor David Cyganski, Advisor


A study of chronological advancements in TCP/IP combines with advanced topics in multimedia communications to produce a functional implementation of a real-time, multimedia internetworking data transmission protocol. This new IP-based protocol, named XUDP, uses the concept of timed-obsolescence and the lessons learned from the development of TCP/IP, yielding an end product that efficiently utilizes the available network bandwidth to transmit real-time multimedia data in a manner that maintains the end user's perception of the linear progression of timed sequential data.

Mike Andrews
Wed Mar 19 16:07:58 EST 1997