Mike Andrews: Audio

FU2000 Stereo Audio Amplifier

A 20 watt per channel, dual-mono, single ended, class A, DC coupled MOSFET audio amplifier.


This thing is really totally hosed. I last worked on this when I was but a wee undergraduate senior. I've been meaning to revisit it, but I just haven't found the time. SUMMARY: Power supply is okay and functional. Preamp section is pretty decent. Power amp section doesn't work worth a damn.

Project Proposal

An introductory set of guidelines and specifications to meet.

Power Supply Design

I started the design with the all-important high-current power supply. At a theoretical maximum effeciency of 25%, this class A amplifier is going to be drawing a good deal of current, especially when its idling!

Preliminary Design

Some very preliminary design schematics.

Information updated on Friday, 1 March 2002.