Mike Andrews: Vintage Technology

Serious Vintage Tech Guys

  • textfiles.com - Amazing collection of 1980's text files: ANSI, Apple ][, Phreaking... it's all there.
  • Atari2600.com - A really serious Atari 2600 collector's web site. You gotta love the layout.
  • Garage Sale of Computers and Video Games - Just like a real garage sale, including a bunch of weird, out of place stuff. The hardware is in there, somewhere...
  • Infocom! - "Imagination sold and serviced here" - The definitive Infocom website.
  • Stella - Multi-platform Atari 2600 emulator. Yes, it really works!
  • VGR - This guy has created a adventure clone called Indenture.
  • The History of Video Games - The mother of all history sites. Entries for probably every game system, indexed by date starting in 1972.
  • The 2600 Connection - a printed newsletter about our favorite home video game system.

Vintage Tech Sources

Information updated on Saturday, 8 September 2001.