Mike Andrews

Why did these pictures smell like beer when I got them back?

pressed hamstel... I know it's not 8:30AM, but I'll drink it anyway.

I'll just carefully measure out a drop or two of this...

Uhh... Dennis? Nobody's paying attention.

I have no idea what this is... might as well drink it!

Hey guys! Anyone up for some ouzo?!

Rich hurt my brain!

Bruce Lee one-inch-punch, take one.

I'm going to the Big Y for a dozen eggs and when I come back...

Oh shit.. I didn't know you had to pay for those!

A rare glimpse of the species reverendus seannus during feeding time.

I know what Seann's thinking...


Hey, at least they're beating the ratio.

2:30AM at the airport, awake and refreshed

Jesus... look at the bags under my eyes.

Information updated on Tuesday, 28 August 2001.