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Engineering Projects: Remote Shutter for Kodak DC290 Zoom Digital Camera
[Remote Shutter Release Photo]
Remote shutter release for Kodak DC290 digital camera. The unit connects to the standard Kodak PC serial cable and allows the user to take photos without shaking or otherwise disturbing the camera.

How to Build One

This is a very simple project. The DC290 has a provision for a remote shutter. Kodak claimed they were going to release a remote shutter release product, but to the best of my knowledge, never did so. With some careful probing and some educated guesses, I figured out how to trigger the camera remotely.

You'll need the following materials, all of which should be available from Radio Shack.

  • Male DB-9 solder cup connector
  • Momentary SPST pushbutton switch
  • 2.2K ohm resistor
  • 9V battery snap
  • 9V battery
  • Small project case

The circuit is extremely straightforward. Connect the - terminal of the battery (black on a battery snap) to pin 5 of the DB-9 connector. Connect one end of the 2.2K resistor to pin 4 of the DB-9 connector. Connect the other end of the 2.2K resistor to one side of the pushbutton switch. Connect the + terminal of the battery (red on a battery snap) to the other side of the pushbutton switch. Refer to the schematic below for details.

[Remote Shutter schematic]

Note that the DC290 will only take a picture when triggered remotely if it is configured properly. Go to CAPTURE mode, hit MENU, go to PREFERENCES, then CAPTURE, and be sure to set "Remote Shutter" to "ON". Once you've configured the camera correctly, return to image capture mode and test out the shutter release. Connect the Kodak serial cable to the DB-9 jack and to the camera. The camera should take a picture when you hit the remote shutter release button.

How you package the remote shutter release circuit is up to you. I chose a plastic project case which is about twice as big as it needs to be. All you need is something big enough to fit the connector, battery, and the switch.

[Remote Shutter Release Inside]

It seems I'm not the first to figure this out. This page shows a similar project.

NOTE: This page describes a project which may cause damage to you, your digital camera, or your ego! THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED BY USING THIS INFORMATION. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The design has been tested and used by the author, but you USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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