On-Line Shopping

The World Wide Web, or at least parts of it, have become a free-market capitalists dreamland. Now, even the smallest of companies can make their catalogs available for world wide distribution. These are some of the better shopping sites I've found.
  1. Alt.Ant - The University of California, Irvine bookstore has a rather sizable anime import business going. They have a web page. This is it.
  2. Amazon.com Books - They claim to have the largest collection of titles available anywhere. I believe them.
  3. American Science & Surplus - A home to all manner of unusual and elusive equipment.
  4. Anime & Manga Mall of North America
  5. Benny's World - Free Stuff
  6. Cheerleader Central - A clearinghouse of professional cheerleader merchandise.
  7. David Morgan - David Morgan sells rugged, outdoorsy activewear for men. Nice quality leather hats and coats, etc...
  8. FringeWare, Inc. - More than just an outlet for some rather unusual, and difficult to find products. Also, has a collection of other unusual links, a manifesto about the independence of Cyberspace, and lots of other ... unusual items. Have a look for yourself.
  9. Hacretees Shirts and Neckties - Geekwear par excellence.
  10. Heavy Metal Web Catalog - Catalog of material (posters, graphic novels, etc...) that is available from the folks at Heavy Metal
  11. Music Boulevard - Kind of the CD equivalent of Amazon.com books.
  12. Newbury Comics Interactive - Newbie's is a chain of music stores located in southern New England.
  13. Nikaku Animart - A store in California that specializes in Anime/Manga/Related Merchandise.

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