Erisians and Discordians

As a religion, Discordianism is somewhat difficult to define. Every, or at least most, Discordians have their own definition, and they keep Eris in his or her own way. (Some even claim to have her tied up and blind-folded in their basements.) In any case, these are some of the Discordian links I've found. There are probably others.
  1. HyperDiscordia - Really must be seen to be believed. Very interesting site, and it is organized in a very interesting way.
  2. Discordian Links - collected by Countess Nichtgelbschneeessen, High Priestess of the Cult of the Sacred Tentacled Kiwi (who is also known as Kristin Buxton)
  3. Discordianism and SubGenius - A collection of interesting files related, however distantly, to the Discordian philosophy. It is unfortunate that the SubGenius religion is also referenced here, but them's the breaks.
  4. Hyper-Weirdness by World Wide Web - Inspired by Mitchell Porter's High Weirdness by E-Mail, which is itself an outgrowth of High Weirdness by Mail. Hyper-Weirdness is a collection of well, odd web pages that you can access. It has a Discordian section, but the weirdness does not end there.
  5. Jeff's Realm of Discord - A web page belonging to Jeff Mink, Scourge of the Galaxy, who is one of my favorite posters to the alt.discordia newsgroup. (You'll notice that alt.discordia is not a link, that's because I try to discourage using a web browser to read news. It just isn't very useful.)
  6. What Else, indeed! - A collection of Discordian links collected by Max Flax Beeblewax
  7. The Unofficial Robert Anton Wislon Homepages - Author, Discordian, conspiracy theorist, and all around wacko. It was his writing that first introduced me to the teachings of Eris (although I'd already been living by many of those philosophies).

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