Informative Texts

These are texts that I have found to be largely accurate and informative. At least, the information they claim to present is fairly well documented, and easy to check if you're so inclined. Basically, this section is full of web pages that have information that I occasionally find useful, and want to reference.

  1. MIT Hacker's Guide to Lockpicking
  2. Classics Resource Page - A page put together by Jamie Norrish, which is a collection of web page resources to "Classical Studies". Also have a look at the Mediæval Resource Page, which does the same thing for "Mediæval Studies".
  3. UK Guide - Mostly tourist information, but lots of useful material for all sorts of things.
  4. Encyclopedia Britanica - Online - 'Nuff said.
  5. Mr. Puddy's Reference Desk - A collection of pointers to standard reference works on the web.
  6. The Internet Movie Database - A very complete, searchable database of movie credits. Includes actors, actresses, directors, writers, crew, etc...
  7. The Weird Zone - A collection of documents published by various means on the Internet that the collector, one Nicholas Pioch finds weird or unusual. You never know what you'll find in here.
  8. Jargon File 3.0.0. - The Ultimate Index - A guide to hacker jargon. Very comprehensive.
  9. The Online Map Creator Generate maps of any part of the world. You just need the longitude and lattitude of the area you want to see.
  10. The Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase
  11. Dictionary Links
  12. Webster's Dictionary

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