Random Selections of Poetry

No, these aren't randomly created poems (that is another page). This is a random grab from a selection of poems, mostly by myself, but with some inclusions from other folks: friends who write; friends who used to write; writers who are obscure-but-meaningful-to-me; famous writers. One advantage of this format is that, when there are variations of a poem that I haven't settled upon, I can include them all and let people give me feedback as to what they think.

                                                 [may 23-4 1989]
"BUT..." he said with an easy
         afforded to the small few
	With their                sleek cars  
	And their                 sleek haircuts 
	In their                  sleek homes 
	Sleeping with their       sleek wives 
	Eating in their           sleek kitchens  
	Headed to their           sleek jobs   
	Over in their             sleek offices 
	Driving over our discontent,
"But," he continued,
     "we are not receiving at this time." 

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