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Rather Obvious Joe Fact Number One:
He became an anarchist -in an instant- during the 1988 US election process.

"The people who say "there's so much $BAD now" make me want to punch them. We have more information and greater access to it. That's it. There have always been stalkers, pervs, pedos, etc. It isn't useful to focus on "what has changed from an imagined past" rather "what can we *do* about things now"."
- Joe Provo

Might I suggest visiting GweepNet and checking out Project Censored and never trust mass media's reporting again now.

Want more spew? There's something about Church names that stick in my head...

And as a parting shot, one of those insufferable Saturday Morning toy advertizements:

This Day's Hottest Toy!
 Power Bands for Underwater Princess Leia!
From Raytheon, LLC's Dairy Cow-Corps line. 
Colonel Crusher says "Watch my Friday Morning cartoon show".
Still legal in three states!