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Totally Random Catfish Fact Number Seven:
His initials are the FAA code for Pickens County Airport in Jasper (GA), which he has never visited.

"Let them rot on the RBL and let's see which grows on their lifeless carcass first... a clue or mold."
--Ray Everett-Church

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And as a parting shot, a sample from the Weekly World Spew's concert, club and music classifieds:

Weekly World Spew
Concert, Club and Music Classifieds
The Cove extended set this Saturday.
 Two hours of 2 Illin' 2 Cease-and-Desist

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
 rippin' it up with ...
Best Boys
 ... Free Bath Salts at the door!

Live at Tech Pizza!
 The RCA
The Grandmotherhood!
  Industrial Tornado!
    and Presbyter Position!

The ReeWee's
 headlinin' in an all-star gig with ...
Ben Hutchins and the Boys