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Little-known Catfish Provo Fact Number Two-Hundred and Three:
He is a member of the National Forensics Society. He took second place in a Virginia statewide competition for dramatic reading interpretation.

"Any sufficiently advanced understanding of technology is indistinguishable from nihilism."
- Joe Provo

Bob the Angry Flower demands TRIBUTE! KNEEL BEFORE HIS MIGHT

Want more spew? We have some oddly-named place in New England.

And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Just in time for Groundhog Day!


  *** Eyes of the Blind Ectoplasm from the Center of the Earth ***

   And Gallagher Returns as "Trumpy" in

   *** Shriek of the Schizoid Women with Really Huge Breasts ***

   You won't believe your eyes!!!!