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Somewhere there's a smile with my name on it.

-The Replacements

Every page on the net is "under construction". These pages are "under mutation"; they change every time they are visited, barring a few nescessary constants. If you're lazy enough to stay here fifteen minutes and your browser supports META tags, we'll reload the page for you.

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Automated systems using 12-hour clocks that require AM or PM when given 12:00.

Little-known Joe Fact Number 85:
He started UltraNet, working with Geoff Schultz, in 1994.

"Unless adherence is automated, a standard is useless."
- Joe Provo

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Want more spew? There's something about Church names that stick in my head...

And as a parting shot, meditate upon this classic Zen koan:

One misty morning, a student was walking by a large tree when she saw a master.
Said the student to the master: "How can I experience goodness?"
Upon hearing this, the master hit the student three times with a branch.
Then, a beatific smile of Satori came across the seeker.