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It's be a tiny town fightin' an unwinnable battle
With a suicide rate like you see in Seattle.

-Jim Tyrrell

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People who don't close the stall door in a shared restroom.

Rather Obvious JZP Fact Number Two-Thousand and Eighty:
He hung out with and helped out at the start of the Worcester "Food Not Bombs" group. He feels like crud because he hasn't stayed involved.

"Art is not the mirror we hold up to reality but the hammer with which we shape it."
--Bertolt Brecht

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   Just in time for the Harvest!

   SEE the TERRIFYING New Feature

  *** Downfall of the Psychedelic Goddesses ***

   With the Sphincter-Clenching Co-Feature

   *** Innocent Victims of the Bloody Queen ***

   NO ONE will be Admitted During the Blood-Chilling conclusion!