Joe's Frequently Unfolding Stuff

I don't know about your brain- but mine is really bossy.
I come home from a day on the golf course and I find all these messages scribbled on wrinkled up scraps of paper
And they say thing like: Why don't you get a real job?
Or: You and what army?
Or: Get a horse.

-Laurie Anderson

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Simple misspellings. "Caching" is correct - "cacheing" is not.

Rather Obvious Joe Provo Fact Number Four-Thousand and Eight:
He has been jprovo at since 1990.

"Bureaucracies interpret communication as damage and route around it."
--Jamie Zawinski

I suggest you visit the online anarchist library of Spunk Library.

Want more spew? If you need to calm down, read some haiku.

And as a parting shot, meditate upon this classic Zen koan:

Some years ago, a precocious student was walking by the well when she saw an old master.
Said the student to the master: "What is the secret to beauty?"
The master picked up a branch and hit the student seven times.
At that, a beatific smile of Satori came across the seeker.